11 Reasons Why Property Managers Should Use an Answering Service

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A property manager’s responsibilities continue long after closing time, which is why property managers should use an answering service.

From residents who have just returned home after a long day at their own jobs to find something has sprung a leak to prospects who are inquiring about a recent vacancy, service calls can come in any time of the day or night.

Studies have shown that when residents need assistance, frustration escalates when they reach voicemail instead of a human being.

But your crew can only do so much. And you don’t want to miss an opportunity – or make a bad situation any worse.

Focus Answering Service’s latest guide reveals 11 different ways a telephone answering service has proven to be an invaluable resource for property managers across the country, complete with case studies from our own company that illustrate the “power of a person.”

Get the scoop on the following ways an answering service can protect and build your reputation:

  • Answering every call
  • Making a stellar first impression
  • Capturing every rental inquiry
  • Fostering a better work-life balance
  • Enhancing your emergency preparedness
  • Saving money!

Are you ready to give your property management business a boost?

Our guide offers six tips to help you avoid unnecessary calls and curb your monthly spending.

Learn how the following can impact your monthly bill:

  • Providing ETAs
  • Updating on-call lists
  • Text and email messaging
  • And much more!

Together, we can help to eliminate inefficiencies and make protecting your properties more manageable.

Download your free e-book today. Simply fill out the form below, then give Focus a call to discover how we can help you save time, stress, money, and more!