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How helpful is your help desk answering service? Automated help lines that make callers wait through a series of monotonous prompts while making empty, robotic promises that they’ll eventually speak to a human being are frustrating, at best, and bridge-burning at worst.

Callers with questions and concerns want to speak to a person – immediately.

Focus Helpdesk Answering Service provides around-the-clock help desk solutions for multiple industries, including yours.

Stellar Support for On-Site Agents

With a help desk answering service, free your in-house staff from the time-consuming hassle of recording basic information and redirect those precious resources to where they are needed most.

With Level 1 Help Desk Answering Service Solutions, all calls are answered immediately by knowledgeable answering service agents who know your company’s policies and protocols like the back of their hands.

Let Focus handle any issue at any time while providing your callers with an immediate and accurate response:​

  • Logging issues and concerns
  • Updating support requests
  • Troubleshooting
  • Relaying ticket status and estimated time of delivery/repair
  • Follow up with on-call personnel

Most importantly, Focus’ help desk agents are trained to make the call regarding the severity of a situation and can reroute emergency calls to on-call tech support whenever necessary.

You Are in Control


As business owner, you set the standard for how Focus handles your calls, how information is relayed to your on-call team (phone, text, email), and the criteria that requires escalation.

Our 24-hour answering service is based entirely in the U.S., and never relies on outsourcing. We remain the only professional answering service in Maryland to be awarded a 24/7 Gold Site Certification, which signifies that we are operational 99.99% of the time. That means we’re always here to help you – and your callers.

Help Desk Answering Service<br />

Be more accessible to your customers. Focus Answering Service can help.

Let’s talk.