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Property Management Testimonials
“I have been in the business for 20 years and I have never worked with a service more professional than Focus.”

Nancy G.


“I would like to express my appreciation for the way in which your company has handled our account.  I know that the Tenant’s can be very persistent; however, your staff has handled them with great professionalism and care.  Your company’s service has made the experience each tenant has when calling for service after hours and on holidays a very pleasant one.  Our on call personnel also feel a little more relaxed knowing that each tenant call is being handled and only dispatched to them when it is an actual emergency.  Again thank you for taking the load off”

Rosemarie S.


“Focus has done a great job handling emergency calls and screening emergency calls.  Agents are always polite and respectful to the callers and they have been a good reflection on our business.”

Jim K.


“During the 2016 blizzard, Focus handled our phone lines for our 47 condominium communities.  They handled them exceptionally. I would highly recommend Focus!”

Veronica S.


“Focus has done a great job of relaying critical messages to us from our tenants in a timely manner. They give us piece of mind that important phone calls are being answered professionally after hours.”

Stephen S.


“Focus does a terrific job not only in answering our phones but also in the follow-up so critical for emergency after hours services to our residents.”

Claridge H.


“Focus is very reliable.  Our calls are answered timely.  They determine if it is an urgent call and contact the appropriate personnel.”

Dorothy S.


“We’ve been with Focus 8 years.  The service has been impeccable! As a community management company Focus allows us to be available to our clients during non-business hours.”

Anya T.

HVAC Industry Testimonials
“Focus is professional, responsive and always there for us in times of need.  Calls are handled accurately and timely. Documentation of incoming calls is handled promptly, professionally and accurately.”

Meg H.


“Our company has been in HVAC business for over 30 years, offering 24-hour emergency service.  We have been utilizing the services of Focus Telecommunications for almost that long. Focus has been one of the few businesses that have remained constant and reliable during our 30+ years!  The proficient manner in which they obviously conduct their business eliminates the need to contact them with issues. Therefore the only contact we require is when new products and/or procedures are available.   How refreshing is that in today’s world!”

Linda N.


“We are happy with the service we received from Focus Telecommunications over the many years with them.  Only on a few occasions have called in with questions or rarely a problem, they have always addressed everything right away and we are very pleased with their responses. We hope to continue our excellent working relationship with Focus.  Again, thanks for doing such a great job for us.”

Bill C.


“Anne, just wanted to write to you about how pleased I am with your service.  Your operators are always very thorough and polite. It’s a pleasure working with a professional company.”

Ray A.


“The only call you need to make.”

Jerry T.

Medical Industry Testimonials
“I want to thank you for all the support you provided during the recent blizzards.  Your staff did a wonderful job and we appreciate everything you did.”

Julio C.


“Our company has been very satisfied and pleased with the service from Focus. Being a customer since 1995 speaks for itself. Thank you!”

Sharon F.


“Our callers like hearing a live voice.  Everyone is pleasant to talk to at Focus.  Very professional.”

Katie M.

Service Industry Testimonials
 “15 years of dependable service.  What more can I say? If you want a thorough service, call Focus.  I can sleep at night!”

Jim C. 


“We are in the emergency services business – every call we receive is an emergency. We know that we don’t have to worry when we go home for the weekend – Focus put us in touch with our customers quickly, and provides us with accurate information which helps make us shine – 24/7/365!”

Greg M.


“Of all the companies I have been with over the last 25 years, I have always carried Focus with me and I always will.  Focus is awesome! Customer service is paramount and this is truly a win-win relationship.”

Mike M. 


“Professional, prompt, diligent and great attention to detail.  It is a pleasure to work with this amazing company. Focus has proven they will go the extra mile to ensure sanaia Applesauce is exceptionally represented.  Thank you for making us a part of your team; we truly appreciate you all!”

Latoya A.


“Focus was a great choice for my company!  They are very professional and fast with getting messages to us. Super friendly staff and very thorough making sure we have everything just as we want it. Highly recommend them!!”

Michelle S. 


“Signing on with Focus has really improved the image of my business.   Prospective clients can get a live person instead of my annoying voicemail box which can be full at times.  Running a solo operation is more manageable now that I have a professional backup office who will answer calls during office hours and book patient appointments.  That allows me more time to do what I do best….individualized nutrition counseling. And the best part is, Focus is tailor made to fit my practice. I absolutely love Beckie, my dedicated virtual assistant.  No more missed calls or missed opportunities. Thanks Focus!”

Phara T.


“We can rest easy knowing that our customer’s critical needs after hours are being relayed to our technicians as efficiently as possible.”

John G. 


“The service Focus is providing is over and above.  It is working as it should; not like our previous service.”

Gerald H.


“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased I have been with your service since I started with Focus earlier this year. There has been several times where customers have needed to urgently reach me while I was away from the office and in each case; your company was able to transfer them directly to me so I could assist them.  As well, when customers call in, your service has proved to be very professional and an asset to my company.

Thank you for your great service and I look forward to continuing working with you and your company!”

Mark S. 


“I am very dependent on you guys covering the calls and it takes so much stress off me. Not just answering the phones, but doing it in a way that made my clients feel that they had been well taken care of.  Thank you for continuing to provide me with such great service.”

Barbara Z. 


“Pop those champagne corks. Us and Focus have been together for 10 years. That’s an entire decade without having to give up a single Saturday! Our company has grown considerately over the years and since 1998 Focus has kept up with us every step of the way. That is so very important as our staff has more than tripled in our sales office alone. With all Focus has to offer, our company can and does put itself into their capable hands at a moment’s notice. I will keep recommending Focus to anyone who asks about our wonderful answering service. Here’s looking forward to another 10 years of growth and teamwork!”

Druscilla D.