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The Power of a Person with Pricing to Match

Cost-effectiveness is much more important than cost. Our outsourced call center pricing can help your company save money in a major way.

Many clients believe that customized call center services are automatically more expensive.

Just the opposite.

A plan that not only gives you what you need, but everything you need, is typically the most cost-effective route.  Why, you may wonder? Because spending slightly more on your answering service can significantly reduce overhead costs such as payroll.

Tell us your budget and what you want to accomplish, and we can create a tailored, outsourced call center pricing solution for your needs that will blow you away.

The average Focus call:

  • Lasts 2 minutes (agent work time)
  • Consists of answering the call, taking a detailed message, and dispatch
  • Is invoiced only for any incremental time used

Our pricing includes “A La Carte” options such as customized paging, patching, scripting, and more.

Automation can also be implemented in front of the service or behind the scenes, lowering your costs by directing your calls and information.

Pricing is based on our standard, 28-day billing periods.

Don’t try to “go it alone.” Talk to us about your goals, be honest about what you want to spend, and together we can design a plan to fit your needs.  If it can be done, we can help you do it.


Focus Answering Service proudly honors and supports veterans. We recognize those who have served our country often have the experience, skills, and dedication necessary to achieve success as members of our civilian workforce. If you are a veteran or know someone who is and looking for an answering service, please contact us and ask about our 10% discount.