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“You Guys Saved My Butt!”

Case Study

March 27, 2020

Our client of less than a year grabbed my hand and shook it, “I had two people call out yesterday and if we hadn’t had you, I don’t know what we would have done!”, he went on, “I hired you because I’d heard great things about your after-hours answering service and I haven’t been disappointed. It was a great move for us. But I had no idea how important your daytime receptionist services would be. You guys saved my butt, you really did!”

The Client

Our customer is the manager of a property management company in Pennsylvania, with a campus of five communities totaling nearly 1000 units. All of their communities call the main office number for receptionist services such as reporting maintenance issues, billing questions, and other information. It’s a busy place.

With two people out they immediately turned to Focus to see if we could help with their calls. Of course, we could, and did. It turned out that they needed our assistance for two-months, not two-days, as they hired and trained new people; and their company continued to function without a hiccup.

The Work

We custom-designed their receptionist services, handling calls one of two ways. We used a directory of the company’s employees and their extensions so that we could basically answer their lines and transfer certain types of calls to specific people directly. If that person was not available, we sent a message to their smartphone after completing the call.

In other cases, we took messages and sent them immediately to a smartphone. All their calls were handled promptly and accurately.

The Result

In a normal month of providing after-hours response, we handled approximately 300 calls; during the two-months we provided receptionist services we answered about 700 additional calls or 1000 calls in total. Yet, their bill barely doubled.

Our client assured us, “I don’t know what we would have done without you! We were able to interview, hire and train our new people without the stress of trying to handle all our incoming calls at the same time. That was priceless!”

At Focus we’re in the business of answering phones, providing after-hours emergency response, daytime receptionist services and, dare we say, “saving butts”.