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August 01, 2017

WSTA HOSTS Donna West Workshop – Las Vegas July 12, 13, 2017

“Another FANTASTIC Workshop,” said Daphne, from Virginia, “I try not to miss anything you do, I always learn so much!” Daphne was reiterating the general response of all the attendees at the recent Supervisor Workshop, Down the Rabbit Hole, held in Atlanta, Georgia for the Southern Telemessaging Association. Donna West makes learning so much fun, and I always leave her workshops with a list of things I want to implement when I get back to the office,” added Ashley. “I wanted to go to her last one, but it was sold out already. I am going to the one in Baltimore in May, though, I can’t wait!”

“Sending staff members to Atlanta for the Down the Rabbit Hole Workshop, directed by the always unselfish Donna West was a no-brainer. The value that the Workshop provides to attendees far outweighs the cost of the workshop and travel. Encore please!” Tim Neville, Owner-StatCall

What’s the buzz? Donna West is president of Focus Telecommunications, Inc., an award winning telephone answering service that just celebrated 30 years in business. As one of the “queens” of education in the answering service industry she loves teaching people at the supervisory level. “Supervisors don’t have a lot of educational choices, and when they come to one of my two-day workshops they are so excited, and just soak up the information like a sponge. Nothing makes me happier than when I get an e-mail from an attendee letting me know they tried something we talked about and it worked!” Donna admitted. “I’m looking forward to July’s workshop.”

For More information contact Dan@CallConsult.net or www.wsta.biz

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