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There’s a Difference Between Full-Time Work from Home and Emergency Work from Home

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March 20, 2020

Some people work from home full-time, and that’s simply part of their job description. Like any workplace routine – being in the house, not a cubicle, is second nature to them. By now, they’ve created distinct processes for shutting out the everyday normalcy of being at home in order to zero in on the tasks at hand.

For those finding themselves in an “emergency work from home” situation as a result of the pandemic and nationwide shutdowns, however, the switch can be bewildering and chaotic.

During this strange and challenging time, we’ve heard of multiple answering services scrambling to quickly purchase costly equipment for their agents, preparing them for emergency work from home. We commend them. In many cases, we’ve reached out to help.

At Focus, our agents have been working from home for years. Our training, platform, and software operate seamlessly, and our skilled agents are well-versed in helping customers during times of incredible stress.

The following suggestions are ideal for every member of your team:

  • Stay structured: Set your alarm. Shower. Dress for success as though you were walking out the door to head to the office.
  • Stay organized: Plan your work and work your plan. Create a “to do list” of things to be achieved each day, and even specify chunks of time throughout the day for different tasks to help with time management.
  • Stay focused. Create a designated “office space.” Find a quiet corner that’s away from rambunctious kids, news tickers and television screens, and countless other “at home” distractions. Shut the door during worktime. It’s OK to put up the “Please Do Not Disturb” sign for your family’s benefit. They don’t stand outside of your office throwing rocks at the window under normal conditions. The same rules must apply during an emergency work from home Also: limit emails. Unless absolutely necessary for your job duties, allow yourself only three check-ins per day – first thing in the morning, prior to lunch, and before you close the laptop for the day. This will help to prevent the hours from dwindling as you shuffle through your inbox.
  • Stay connected: Now is the time for overcommunication – with your supervisors, your coworkers, and with your clients. Be sure you are privy to the proper channels your company has designated during this emergency – email, text, etc. – and, again, be sure to have a quiet space set aside where you can retreat if and when a conference call becomes necessary.

In an emergency situation, when many if not all of a business’s employees are forced to work from home during a time when normal functions have been thrown into upheaval – it is critical to have a plan in place to ensure productivity.

Focus Telecommunications can be a part of that plan. Contact us today to find out how.