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winter weather tips for service managers

3 Winter Weather Tips for Service Managers that Will Help You Brave the Storm

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December 12, 2021

Service managers juggle so many responsibilities and resident needs simultaneously, while also making sure that all maintenance and upkeep tasks are running like clockwork. This is a particularly slippery job in the winter, further complicated by the arrival of harsh weather and hectic schedules. We have some winter weather tips for service managers that could be helpful.

As a comprehensive telephone answering service that has witnessed the delicate balance required with each season, Focus offers the following 3 winter weather tips for service managers, to carry you through the New Year, and beyond.

  1. Be clear on ice emergencies: In almost every instance, ice and snow is an all-hands-on-deck, red alert emergency situation at the properties you manage. We’ve heard from too many service managers who were burnt by the cold stuff before they started working with us. Swift snow and ice removal are imperative. Not only can visitors get stuck, sidelined, and – a worst-case scenario – injured, but you could also be let go by your property management company for negligence.
  2. Give everyone a sign: Proper signage is also a key to keeping residents, guests, and workers safe when it’s slippery outside. Make sure your signage is up – and visible – at all appropriate locales and walkways before snowfall and make OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) happy in the process.
  3. Go to the mat for your property: The weather outside may be frightful, but the dangers don’t end once someone crosses the threshold into your building or facility. Heavily trafficked areas can become hazardous when snow, slush, and ice are continuously tracked indoors. Absorbent mats for your lobby can mitigate the problem – and should be stationed at all entrances during inclement weather events. Clear standing water as soon as possible.

Winter 2021 is far from Focus’ first rodeo. We’ve been helping service managers weather the storm for more than 30 years, and we know all about the inconveniences, incapacitations, and inconsistencies that lead to liability claims, lawsuits, and a loss of business. It’s our job as a quality answering service to know your job, and its needs, inside and out. Outsourcing your phone calls to us can help you deliver consummate customer service to your constituents while allowing you the time and resources that are critical at this time of year to make sure every angle is covered, and every visitor is safe. Give us a holler when you’re ready to chat.