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3 Reasons Virtual Receptionist Services Are Still Helpful Post-COVID

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September 01, 2022

Businesses that turned to professional answering services during the pandemic may now be wondering if the switch should be temporary as life returns to a more normal pace. The reality is virtual receptionist services are hugely beneficial, both in good times and in bad.

Here are just three big reasons to keep them on the line:

  1. Customers still crave a more personal connection: After more than 2 years of isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, your callers are starving for that human touch, and yet the current working climate remains a hodgepodge of on-site workers, remote personnel, emails, texts, and Zoom conference calls. A quality answering service walks that fine line with finesse and professionalism. Virtual receptionist services deliver unparalleled compassion and attention to your callers – not to mention a compassionate human voice instead of an automated aggravation. And that makes a customer feel like a priority, not a number.
  2. Time is of the essence: Now that day-to-day existence has reached a point that largely resembles life pre-pandemic, your customers and your team members are eager to get to put the pedal to the metal and accomplish big things. A virtual receptionist service saves you and your personnel precious time that would otherwise be spent fielding phone calls. This allows them to redirect their attention to customers seeking assistance in-person while following up with actual leads and converting them to sales. Not only that, but a professional answering service can work for your company around the clock. This offers unparalleled convenience to both existing customers and prospects while reassuring you that future collaborators won’t be sent to voicemail.
  3. Waste not, want not: Money matters. It always has. And now is no time to invest poorly. Setting cost aside, the process of hiring a full-time receptionist is always a gamble, any way you slice it. Sure, it’s possible to strike gold with incoming talent – but it’s also possible that a new hire is a bad fit for your office culture, and the time and effort spent advertising, interviewing, and onboarding are assets you can never get back. When you consider that an in-house receptionist can cost upwards of $40K annually on top of the potential for inefficiencies – virtual receptionist services begin to make much more sense in a post-COVID workplace.

Focus’ friendly and knowledgeable agents can help your business continue to prosper long after the pandemic is behind us. If you or a colleague could benefit from virtual receptionist services, give our team a call at 800-886-6696 today to learn more.