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Oops a Daisy! When Good Intentions are Nipped in the Bud

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July 29, 2020

Focus Telecommunications celebrated its anniversary in April. To recognize the occasion, we decided to send packages of wildflower seeds to our employees to thank them for “helping us to grow.” Two Property Management Expos were also on the schedule for the coming months, so we worked out a theme about helping businesses grow and ordered enough seed packages to hand out at those conferences.

Focus placed its seed order at the beginning of February and marked one task DONE on our list. Weeks later, COVID-19 shut down the world as we knew it. It was clear that there would be no Expos, and no way we could hand out the seeds. Instead, we decided to send them to some of our longtime customers and business partners. This seemed to be a nice way to thank them, and not waste nature’s beauty. We also sent some seed packets to people who had inquired about our answering service in recent months. We all felt good about this solution and put the plan in place. We soon began receiving reports of beautiful flowers and it made us feel good in the midst of all the sad news that was circulating.

Imagine our surprise when we turned on the news and heard the WARNING that people in the United States were receiving seeds in the mail that they did not order! Reporters were saying these seeds were possibly dangerous and believed to have been sent to the U.S. from China. The news reports urged people not to open the seeds.

Hopefully, enough time has passed and no one who received our seeds made any connection between the wildflowers we hoped would grow for them and the suspicious seeds we are being asked to turn over to the government. (Our seeds came from American meadows and were guaranteed 100% pure seeds. See the picture below!)

Sometimes the world we are living in seems just a little bit surreal. To those business partners who received the seeds and planted them, we hope you enjoyed the blooms. One of our employees shared a photo of the bloomed seeds, below.