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Text and Email Services Save Property Managers Time and Money

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October 28, 2019

How long has it been since we’ve let our fingers do the walking? Many readers may not even remember that ad campaign, let alone the ancient history of the telephone book it promoted. And yet any answering service worth its salt knows that, sometimes, the key to exemplary customer service does not rely on verbal communication, but in a few well-placed keystrokes.

Text and email services can be a prudent way for budget-conscious property managers to keep their answering service costs manageable.

With just a click, a property manager’s on-call staff can receive urgent messages on their mobile devices instantaneously, eliminating the need to call the answering service and take down all of the information by hand.

In many cases, text and email services help to streamline intricate processes, ensuring that on-call personnel receive accurate, up-to-date information as it comes in. This not only boosts efficiency, but it also reduces delays in response time and helps to eliminate errors. That ultimately means fewer return calls to confirm details, which translates into lower bills.

Quality answering services can also send texts or emails to multiple maintenance and management contacts at the same time. Doing this keeps your on-call staff informed of a situation’s status while freeing the dispatcher from spending excess time paging each on-call person individually. Most importantly, maintenance crews do not have to turn their attention from a crisis to phone their supervisors.

Focus Telecommunications has proudly served property managers since 1987. We’ve helped professionals juggle calls and crises for everything from a single apartment complex to hundreds of units. Our detailed billing allows you to pass through costs, and our compassionate and knowledgeable team can handle your incoming messages with poise and precision.

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