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Summer Property Management Issues (and How Answering Services Offer Relief)

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June 25, 2022

As we’ve mentioned before, outsourced answering services solve summer property management issues before they even have a chance to occur. What that means is that the right person on your team is contacted at the right time, kicking frustration and confusion to the curb while protecting your bottom line by mitigating costly errors and potentially liable oversights.

We recently spoke at length about the myriad ways your answering service can help keep your customers cool when an AC unit is down, and how our expertise can keep property managers and their residents from going buggy once summer’s winged pests arrive.

But there are plenty of other opportunities for property management triage that your answering service can help with during the hot summer months. Consider the following:

  • Flush out fire hazards: We’ve already had some late spring experiences with rising temperatures outdoors. The summer heat is only going to get hotter. So, make certain that your property and its perimeter are free and clear of flammable materials, such as dried or dead lawn refuse and chemicals. Trim back bushes and trees. Triple-check your building smoke alarms and make sure everything is in working order and make certain that your extinguishers are up to code. Then, collaborate with your answering service, who will make certain that any calls regarding fire or the potential for fire are escalated at once. The best answering services are trained to make the right call regarding emergencies and will notify the proper authorities in the event of a fire.
  • Nighttime no-no’s: Warm summer evenings have a way of bringing people out in droves, and often increasingly noisy ones as the night wanes. Be sure to keep your residents in the know regarding protocols regulating noise levels, and all hours for certain amenities from the fitness studio to pools to playgrounds and beyond. Also remember that your answering service offers 24-7 solutions – giving you and your callers flexibility and convenience, and ensuring that important issues, and potential emergencies, are handled quickly.
  • Residents on the move? Don’t let ‘em stray too far. Reduce turnover significantly and haul out the “no vacancy” sign this summer by making your residents feel appreciated and valued. An outsourced answering service is by far the best way to ensure that all calls are answered in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner, which doesn’t only help to get to the bottom of a problem immediately, but also boosts your reputation as a landlord or property manager who cares and contributes to stellar word of mouth.

Focus Answering Service can help you make the most of the summer months. Give us a call at 800-886-6696 or request a quote online.