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Stop Robocalls from Ruining Your Business

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December 30, 2019

Robocalls are relentless, intrusive, underhanded wastes of time; and could be ruining your relationship with your customers. And let’s face it, everyone wants to stop robocalls.

Recent studies have shown that one out of four people cannot tell the difference between a robocall and an honest-to-goodness human being. The bottom line: people see an unfamiliar number or “No Caller” pop up on their screen, and they simply let the ringtone ring.

According to robocall blocking service YouMail, Americans received 48 billion robocalls in 2018. Chances are incredibly good that if you haven’t received one before or while reading this blog – you’re in store for one later on today.

Regulatory changes have been touted, but as yet – nothing has been done to stop the onslaught.
In the wake of this Robopocalypse, there are steps your business can take to provide reassurance to customers and remain on top of things:

• Reestablish a trusted, personal relationship: It’s all about restoring trust. Almost 80 percent of the population is uncomfortable giving out personal information to any caller – robocall or otherwise. And it’s no wonder. Scammers are only getting more duplicitous, with advances in AI allowing robocalls to adjust interaction based on a person’s tone and responses. It only takes one or two scam attempts to put an indefinite bad taste in consumers’ mouths, seeding distrust and fueling the old “Fool me twice, shame on me,” mentality. To rectify this, businesses will need to refocus their energies on rebuilding a solid rapport with their customer base. Friendliness and active listening are two keystones of establishing a lasting bond. Clarity, compassion, and letting customers know that their concerns are heard are paramount.

• Provide alternate means of communication: Give your customers flexibility when it comes to how they want to be communicated with, such as email and text options. Additionally, providing encrypted online payment portals can go a long way in making your customers more comfortable with various business transactions.

• Legitimize yourself. Make certain that all outbound calls identify your business appropriately, and that Caller ID isn’t labeling you as spam, unlisted, or with any similar red flag. When callers DO answer, your company’s representatives should waste no time in identifying themselves and the purpose for the call.

Enlisting the services of a telephone answering service can help you establish – or, in many cases, reestablish – a trusted rapport with your clientele.

Knowledgeable and compassionate customer service agents can foster positive experiences with callers, forging lasting relationships with your company and securing your reputation as a trustworthy business partner.

Focus Telecommunications can protect your reputation and help you build your business. We not only field calls for our clients, but we offer customized appointment scheduling services, order processing, and much more. We frequently make follow-up calls and are adept at using texts or emails to communicate with multiple maintenance and management contacts simultaneously.

We pride ourselves on providing trained representatives who ensure your customers remain reassured and fulfilled, while speaking to someone who truly listens to what they have to say.

Give us a call at 800-886-6696 and let us know how we can help you stop robocalls!