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3 Reasons Small Business Answering Services are a Wise Investment

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February 25, 2022

Are you currently weighing the costs of outsourcing your business’s phone needs? It’s understandable. But consider this – if your small business answering service’s efforts were strictly relegated to making sure your calls don’t reach voicemail – they would still be worth their weight in gold. Each frustrated contact that moves on to the next number on their list is money lost forever. An answering service helps to ensure this never happens.

And luckily for small business owners, they do so much more.

  • A new you (sort of): Your customers want to know when they call, they will receive personalized attention and answers from the powers that be – not a nondescript call center somewhere overseas. While you can’t conceivably guarantee that level of customer service consistently, you can get pretty darn close with a small business answering service. Scripting is tailored to your business and its policies, mirroring your brand of customer service to the most minute detail, and providing a casual, authentic experience for callers.
  • Plenty of options: Small businesses continuously have to do big things – and lots of them – with limited resources. But an answering service amplifies your efforts and extends your reach exponentially, whether you’re seeking administrative help or messaging services that fire on all cylinders (text, email, phone, and more). Better yet, you won’t have to worry about dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. Meticulous attention to detail, thorough proofing, and consummate accuracy are a small business answering service’s stock in trade.
  • No more hiring haggles: Yes, of course you will still need an in-house team of specialists to take care of the big picture mission, but small business answering services regularly help employers sidestep the costly and time-consuming process of advertising for receptionists, interviewing prospects, onboarding hires, paying their benefits… sigh… and replacing their keycards when they’ve quit after two days or were fired for paying more attention to their fantasy football league than they did… well, anything else. Answering services handle the administrative day-to-day minutiae at a fraction of the price and are only compensated when they are working for you directly.

Outsourcing your phone needs to a small business answering service secures your profits, protects your reputation, and keeps your customers coming back for more. Focus can answer for you whenever you need, whether that’s certain times during the workday or around the clock. Call us at 800-886-6696 and ask about our free one-week trial.