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Single Person Businesses Can Soar with Contact Center Assistance

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September 18, 2018

Single person businesses, which include consultants, contractors, and freelancers have always been a part of the business culture throughout the U.S. and other free countries; however the proliferation of these solo operations has grown since the economy faltered several years ago.

As the ranks of the unemployed grew and jobs became increasingly scarce, entrepreneurs struck out on their own, depending on their own ingenuity to support themselves. These individuals are business owners, by definition, but many have no desire to ever have employees.

Recent years have seen an uptick in the services and applications that allow single person businesses to thrive. Achieving their goals without the cost of employees means that – for many – hiring bookkeeping services, answering services, cleaning services, and more, will allow them to do what they do best without getting bogged down in record keeping, communications, and other myriad tasks that take them away from their ability to produce actual income.

Armed with smartphones and tablets, it is now possible for a solo business owner to ensure their phones are answered, their appointments are scheduled, and their customer contacts are handled appropriately and on time by an outsourced answering service.

Today’s answering service – or contact center – is far more likely to be able to be a “business partner” to their customers than in the past. They can enable the smallest of business owners to do bigger things by handling significant tasks such as:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Order taking & processing
  • Customer service issues
  • Returning calls
  • Making reservations
  • Conducting surveys
  • Tracking employee/attendance information
  • Providing callers with the location of the nearest dealer

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