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Small Company Saves $43,200 Per Year by Not Answering their Phones!

Case Study

February 11, 2019

Every penny we save goes straight to our bottom line. The recession taught us to work SMARTER to minimize our expenses, but few of us have done it. This client got the message!

Making a REAL Change Means Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

“I want someone to answer all my business calls, use my web portal to access our software, check payments, and tell callers the status of their project,” said the client – a small, family-run seasonal business. “I NEVER want to answer my phones. Is that even possible?”

“Certainly!” Focus replied. “Our agents are experienced with working in our client’s software. We’ll become your virtual receptionist, working one-on-one with your clients.  We’ll investigate their orders, and even call clients back for you.”

To achieve these goals, Focus provided partial scripting for specific call scenarios, followed by simple bullet points so our staff members would sound completely natural. We augmented the information with Google Docs so we could quickly access more detailed information when needed.

We spent time to build a strong foundation, using mock calls to find holes in our information, and we listened to our client take calls in house so we could learn their culture. These details made the difference.

Did the Risk Pay Off?

Focus has allowed our small company to work BIG, with fewer employees,” said our customer. “We are able to work throughout the day without interruptions, because Focus is answering our clients’ questions and researching the status of their projects.”

“We know there are times in the day when we might be getting five, six, or more calls at the same time. Our Focus virtual receptionists never miss a beat. They provide timely responses that would be impossible by ourselves. In fact, we could not do this alone! We are delivering exactly the high-quality service we hoped for in an extremely cost-effective manner. We would not be as profitable as we are without Focus.”

The Client is Virtually Thrilled with Their Growth

As a result of their relationship with Focus, the company’s five family members have been able to grow their business without bringing in outsiders or leaving their homes.

The foundation took time to build, but their Focus virtual receptionists are totally dependable and there is no hiring, training, disciplining (or firing and rehiring) for them to do.

An unforeseen bonus was how this seasonal business no longer needs to hire additional temporary help during their busy months.

Given the total number of hours Focus handles their calls, we can easily estimate that it would take a minimum of two full-time and two part-time people to handle their volume in-house at a cost of at least $10,600 per month.

We know that our bill to them averages about $7,000 every four weeks. That puts an extra $43,200.00 in their pockets every year!

The Pay Off is Pay Day

No time cards, missed punches, vacations, sick leave – NONE of the hassles of employment.

This family’s quality of life went from harried to happy in a matter of months.  Their service to their clients is top of the line, and their bottom line makes them smile. It’s the epitome of working smarter.