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The Top 3 Items on Your Residents’ Wish Lists (and How to Deliver Them)

Property Management

December 16, 2022

Just like snowflakes, no two residents are exactly alike. But all of them share common wants and needs. So, make a list – and check it twice. Then get to work delivering the goods this holiday season so you’ll have a happy, prosperous, and ‘No Vacancy’ New Year.

Here are three of the top items on every resident’s wish list:

  1. Their creature comforts – covered: Regular upkeep that’s in keeping with the season is paramount for property managers. From fine-tuning furnaces before a deep freeze sets in this winter to fixing faulty AC units before those sweltering summer months arrive, managers must always be on the move, making sure that amenities are in tip-top shape whenever the temperature starts to change again. You can help residents keep their cool, by keeping things nice and toasty this winter. Making sure your thermostats are up to snuff ensures a consistent and pleasant temperature throughout your buildings while helping you and your renters cut down on utility costs.
  2. Their questions – answered: “What is that strange burning smell in my apartment?” “Why is my oven not working?” Your residents will never run out of interesting questions. And having a property or service manager with a response at the ready is at the top of every resident’s wish list. Outsourcing your calls to a quality answering service can be a big help. Using custom, paraphrased scripting, agents familiar with your industry can address all resident questions and concerns, putting their minds at ease and freeing your on-call crews to focus on actionable tasks and projects.
  3. Your attention – undivided: A tall order for a property manager with hundreds of residents? You bet. But that hardly matters to a renter who has an urgent need. It doesn’t even register. If Santa can climb down every chimney in the world in just one night, surely you can be in multiple places at one time, too – right? Believe it or not, it’s not entirely out of the question. In fact, with the help of a telephone answering service, every resident is privy to your property management team’s expertise around-the-clock. That means they feel seen and heard while you maximize your customer service.

Helping your residents feel appreciated and valued is the gift that keeps on giving – to you. Not only does filling your residents’ wish list reduce turnover and vacancies, but when word of your good deeds starts to travel, you’ll soon have new prospects lining up with checkbooks in hand.

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