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Why Authenticity and Consistency are the Key to Quality Customer Service

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February 28, 2020

When a business phone rings, chances are the caller is looking for a solution to a problem. Moreover, they are hoping a human being will answer!

In fact, that human connection is the most important characteristic customers look for, according to a survey conducted by the research gurus at Clutch. To put it simply – people want to connect with people when they need assistance.

Quality customer service is all about authenticity. Callers are happiest when a person answers their call, understands their needs, and helps with a solution.

Customers are Seeking an Authentic Experience

That first impression is everything. After a warm greeting, the person who answers the phone must be interested in the caller and their reason for calling. They must be engaged and genuine.

Professional answering service agents should be able to engage in discussion that is conversational and feels off-the-cuff, while still providing the information the customer seeks.

Quality answering services achieve this by consistently listing a series of bullet points and key phrases specific to a client’s business, allowing agents to be spontaneous in their conversation. People don’t sound like they’re reading from a script – because they aren’t. But all the pertinent information is there, so they sound both knowledgeable and natural.

Experts in their field will be able to provide quality customer service, representing you and your company knowledgeably and compassionately. Listening – truly listening to an individual’s concerns and providing reassurance that someone is looking into things – is not only authentic, it is critical to your reputation.

Consistent Results Are Also Paramount

Delivering consistent optimal service is essential to building and maintaining customer loyalty.

As with authenticity, consistency is about making your customers feel valued, and confident in your ability to represent their company well. Whether that means maintaining a certain response time or answering each call with the same level of enthusiasm, the key lies in always delivering the same high service standard you set for yourself and your employees.

Studies have shown that customers would rather have all calls answered before the fourth ring 85% of the time, rather than answering before the fourth ring 90% of the time, but under that goal 10% of the time. Customers don’t care if you have exceeded their expectations 90% of the time – if the phone is not answered promptly 10% of the time.

Consistency extends to every facet of quality customer service. We must meet the expectations we have established. Every. Single. Time.

For example, at Focus Telecommunications our agents are expected to alert maintenance crews to ALL potentially hazardous situations. Without fail.

They must also triple check details before dispatch, ensuring that the correct message is delivered to the correct on-call personnel, using the correct methods of contact. This due diligence – this consistency – ultimately saves our property managers from costly repairs, litigation, and worse, and has proven invaluable when it comes to building deep trust and loyal relationships.

Focus Telecommunications has been family owned and operated for more than three decades. We guarantee your calls will be answered by compassionate and knowledgeable agents who have experience and longevity required to protect your reputation, build your brand and deliver for your customers.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.