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3 Ways Quality Answering Services Make Vacations Possible for Property Managers

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July 09, 2021

Everyone needs a little bit of “down time” from time to time. Yes, even property managers. No, especially property managers. This is where quality answering services can come in handy.

Particularly in light of recent pandemics, taking some personal time to focus on one’s mental wellbeing – getting away for a week or two to the shore or the mountains, or even just your own backyard – is critical to maintaining a positive and productive work-life balance, and providing the assistance your residents rely on.

A quality answering service’s trained agents not only make such crucial getaways possible – but they do so while boosting your customer service and protecting your stellar reputation.

Here’s how:

  1. They’re masters of illusion: Many business owners mistakenly believe that they cannot take a few minutes, let alone days, to themselves – because their signature brand of customer service is what keeps the company in the black. When you hire a quality answering service, however, the team gets to work getting to know who you are, what makes you successful, and what makes your residents and vendors tick. By getting to know your properties inside and out, they deliver optimal service. Better yet, natural, paraphrased scripting – developed with your specific input – ensures that residents will never know you’re on break.
  2. They provide convenience: It’s no secret – your residents want what they want when they want it. And they typically want it NOW. By allowing them to reach a knowledgeable and attentive representative of your company any time day or night, you immediately reduce the risk of pent-up frustration, while earning a wealth of gratitude at the same time. And because a quality answering service’s team is trained to make informed calls as to what constitutes an emergency, you can rest assured that urgent matters will be directed to the proper on-call personnel, while routine messages are held for your in-house team at a later date.
  3. They pay attention: Just like you make the rounds before locking up the house before the big trip – unplugging the appliances, making sure the fish are fed, double-checking all the door locks – a quality answering service will be a stickler for the smallest details while you’re away. Agents understand that even the smallest oversight, which may appear insignificant at first, can be disastrous. Because of this, they will triple check each and every message and task before acting on it, verifying every word before it is spoken or sent. This also means that you can be certain all information is up-to-date and accurate when you ultimately “cheat” on vacation and phone in to see how everyone is doing.

Taking a vacation makes you more rested, responsible, and productive manager, period. A quality answering service such as Focus can help you recharge those internal batteries, while making sure your properties are running full throttle when you return. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.