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Professional Customer Service Agents Prevent Important Sales Opportunities from Being Put on Hold

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February 17, 2021

Put a customer on hold, and you may as well put the phone down and walk away. The damage is done.

  1. That may be a slight exaggeration. Then again, maybe it’s not. The point is: you don’t know, do you? One thing is certain – you have only one chance to make a phenomenal first impression with a new customer or a prospect. Do you really want that impression to be that you’re too preoccupied to take their call? Professional customer service agents can help ensure you never miss an important sales opportunity, while making your callers – all of your callers – feel right at home.

Here’s how they do it:

  • They’re likable: Professional customer service agents answer quickly (in most cases before that second ring), they answer enthusiastically, and they make it known immediately that they’re on your customer’s side, in their corner, and working to achieve the best possible outcome on their behalf. Make your customers feel valued, and you’ve won half the battle. By leveraging bullet points and key phrases you provide, these agents are able to deliver conversation that feels fresh and unrehearsed, while still delivering the information you’re your caller requires.
  • They’re listening: Professional customer service agents are trained listeners. This may not seem like a big deal, but just think of how frustrating it is to feel unheard and/or ignored in your own line of work. Professional answering service agents are consummate multitaskers, who are able to take notes, take orders, and take a breath (in the event a customer calls to blow off steam) while simultaneously keying into each individual call and its purpose. They provide reassurance when necessary, escalation in an emergency, and attentive and approachable customer service, always.
  • They’re liberating: One of the biggest benefits of enlisting the services of professional customer service agents, is it allows you to offer convenience and peace of mind to your customers (and your team) around the clock. Your clients and customers have busy lives, themselves, and taking time away from their own work to place an order or make an appointment can be a minor aggravation that snowballs into dissatisfaction. An answering service can man your phone lines 24-hours a day, if necessary, making certain that new leads and lucrative sales opportunities are never sent to voicemail.

Not only that, but by keeping your on-call lists organized and expediting your customer service tasks and follow-throughs, your answering service’s agents will ultimately help you boost revenue while building your reputation.

The bottom line is that professional customer service agents are an efficient and cost-effective means of making your customers feel important, while delivering the topnotch experience and results you want them to have. Focus Answering Service can show you how it’s all accomplished. Reach out to us today.