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why contractors and answering services work great together

3 Reasons Professional Contractors and Professional Answering Services Work Great Together

Professional Answering Service

August 15, 2022

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and nowhere is that “leader of the pack” mentality felt so keenly as in the professional contractor industry. Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, or a drywaller, competition is fierce and good help is hard to find. That’s why why contractors and answering services work great together.

Here are just three reasons why:

  1. Professional answering services pick up the slack: Your on-call team is taxed to the limit, your in-house crew needs a furlough in a big, bad way, and as a professional contractor who is consistently on the job, you have not slept in what seems like days. But the phones are still ringing after hours and on weekends and every other moment that your team is otherwise unable to answer. And here’s the worst of it: when potential clients reach out to you and are met with a ringing phone, they’ll simply move on to the next plumber, HVAC tech, electrician, or elevator repairman on Google. Professional answering services are the best choice for busy businesses because they offer around-the-clock attention to paying customers while providing you with a chance to breathe.
  2. Professional answering services pave the way for seasonal success: From landscapers fielding urgent lawn care needs to HVAC pros whose phones are ringing off the hook for refrigerant recharges and faulty unit repair, professional contractors frequently face seasonal demands and subsequent upticks in call volumes. Professional answering services offer continuous, compassionate, and knowledgeable service that will keep your lines in order. This gives you more time to focus on mission-critical tasks that keep things firing on all cylinders, from recruiting to management to those all-important house calls.
  3. Professional answering services offer multi-channel support: Today’s customers lead hectic lifestyles that make multiple means of communication an absolute must. Professional answering services allow you to communicate with them using their preferred channels, whether email, text, or a customized web portal. The upside: messages can be securely relayed around the clock, offering speed and peace of mind.

Don’t miss that next phone call from a prospective new client or a loyal customer with a crisis on their hands. Contact Focus today and speak to one of our professional answering service’s on-call agents to discuss how we can take care of your customers at any time of day or night and enhance your reputation as a trusted contractor that truly cares.