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3 Ways an On-Call Answering Service Makes Your Business More Flexible

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August 01, 2021

Business owners of all shapes and sizes have deftly navigated the effects of a pandemic for more than a year. Even now, they must pivot on a day-to-day basis as the workplace evolves and changes – and their employees and customers do the same. An on-call answering service could be very beneficial for them.

Flexibility is worth its weight in gold. Here are just three ways an on-call answering service makes it possible.

  • With customers. Around-the-clock service means that your business’s demands can be met without levying the increased costs of new hires. An on-call answering service can serve as a true extension of your company that mirrors your customer service to the smallest detail. Customized, casual scripting based on specific key phrases in addition to your business’s overall policies makes customers feel immediately at home. It also allows your answering service to pinch-hit for you whenever your team is unable to field calls, whether for overflow or over the weekend, giving you far more power in your scheduling.

Better yet, accuracy is priority No. 1 for your on-call answering service. Detailed information is collected during each call and then thoroughly reviewed to ensure any messages are error-free and meet the specific protocols YOU established.

  • With customization: The beauty of enlisting an on-call answering service is that solutions can be tailored and scaled to any and every need your business may have. Whether you want to cut through the clutter and day-to-day minutiae with administrative support services, connect with customers via streamlined SMS text messaging that requires no additional hardware or interruptions, or simply hand your phone lines over, dust off your hands, and walk away whistling – your on-call answering service is on the job.
  • With budgets. Hiring on-site staff strictly for phone answering purposes is a huge investment (and hassle), and one that arrives with all of the baggage, paperwork, and potential for interpersonal problems that enlisting a full-time employee carries. However, outsourcing phone solutions to an on-call answering service keeps money in your pocket, while keeping customers happy and your profits where they need to be.

As an on-call answering service, Focus is on the job and working for your benefit 24 hours a day. Our team has decades of experience and understands what it takes to mitigate mistakes, confusion, and turnover. To learn more, call our team at 800-886-6696 and ask about our free one-week trial.