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How to Handle Noise Complaints from Residents

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March 16, 2023

As a property or site manager, you are bound to get noise complaints from residents at some point. Whether it’s a party that got a little out of hand or construction noise that rattles the windows, noise complaints are inevitable.

Here are six short steps to handle noise complaints from residents confidently and succinctly, and keep your property safe and sound:

  1. Acknowledge the complaint. Thank your caller for bringing it to your attention.
  2. Gather additional details. Ask your resident for additional information about the complaint, such as time, location, and what kind of noise it is. If possible, visit the site of the complaint and listen for yourself to determine if there’s a problem to solve.
  3. Address the situation. If the noise is coming from another unit or a common area, talk to the resident and/or residents responsible and ask them to keep the volume down. If the noise is coming from outside your property – like construction noise – call the contractor in question and explain the situation. Try to come to an amicable resolution.
  4. Take notes. Keep track of all noise complaints and attempt to identify patterns so you can prevent others in the future. Be sure to follow up with your caller after you have taken necessary action to let them know what steps you’ve taken, the outcome, and whether additional action is required. As always, thank your caller for their cooperation and patience while you resolve the issue.
  5. Do some housekeeping. Make sure to post protocols and apartment rules regarding noise levels. This keeps everyone in the loop and helps ensure your residents are comfortable, content, and informed. If you have an answering service, be sure to share these rules with them, too.

… Hold on. An answering service?

Why, yes. This leads us to…

  1. Understand that a professional answering service can help you with most of these steps (and so many others). Keep in mind, answering services provide property managers with around-the-clock coverage, allowing your callers to inquire about hours, closings, and any other information at any time of day or night. The best of the best will go above and beyond to make sure your residents feel valued and listened to whenever they have a concern or query.

Compassionate and knowledgeable agents handle every call with care and poise, reassuring wound-up residents that a solution is forthcoming, and taking meticulous notes so that you can hit the ground running whenever you, the property manager, follow up.

The result? Turnover is reduced and your reputation as a great landlord is cemented.

Focus Answering Service has been handling calls for the property management industry for decades. Need help fielding noise complaints from residents? Just give us a holler.