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Live with Passion, Work with Friends

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August 31, 2020

Have you ever walked into a room where you didn’t know anyone, but were immediately drawn to someone who was in a conversation with others?  He or she may have been gesturing with their hands or smiling broadly. Their eyes were twinkling. They were clearly engaged in the conversation. Suddenly you wanted to be a part of that group, listening to that fascinating person. Why? Because their passion for life was infectious.

People who live with passion are interesting. They often see the humorous side of things, they believe in what they are doing, and they make others believe, as well. Passionate people have charisma. We naturally gravitate to them.

People can be quiet and retiring, yet still be passionate about their beliefs. These are the folks that you need to get to know a little better before you discover how great they are. Again, you will be drawn by their enthusiasm for life, and for their strongly held views. Passion brings joy to the person who feels it, as well as to those who observe it. Passion makes us all more interesting.

Some people are just naturally passionate about their life, their work, their family, and their beliefs. Some people need to learn to feel passion, to feel more involved in life. Perhaps you feel a little reticent when it comes to joining a group in conversation. You WANT to speak up, but you don’t feel confident enough that what you say will make people listen, or like you. Use your job to “practice” your passion and help you gain confidence.

Becoming more demonstrative with your customers, taking their needs seriously, and going the extra mile for them is a good exercise for gaining confidence when you want to move into that group at a meeting. If you are interested in them, and you genuinely care about them, your ability to interact with others will naturally expand.

Remember the things that tickle your funny bone and the things that make you feel involved and share those things – within reason, of course.  When you are thinking about yourself, you are also thinking about what impression you are making. If you are thinking more about the comfort of those around you and putting them at ease by sharing funny or happy things you feel strongly about, you will make a great impression without trying to! You will learn that what interests you will also interest others. Just let your own passion for living show through and you will become one of those people to whom others gravitate!

Telephone answering service professionals have multiple opportunities to bring warmth and exuberance to our jobs. We regularly invest ourselves in making the lives of our clients – and their residents – easier, while getting to know them better. Our eagerness to be a part of your team shines through as we learn more about your business and become involved.  And that makes your customers more confident, too – in you.