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How to Improve Customer Service? 3 Tips from the Experts

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May 24, 2021

More than 90 percent of consumers say customer service is the key to continuing a relationship with a vendor. Taking steps now to improve customer service can keep your clients from moving on (and marring your reputation along the way).

Start with these three steps:

  1. Pay attention: Simple mistakes can have a lasting impact. Meticulous attention to detail is a trademark of a company that cares about its customers, and its own good standing. Whenever taking information from your callers or customers, be sure to confirm phone numbers, name spellings, dates, and addresses, and then thoroughly review your messages before forwarding them onto the intended recipient.
  2. Meet your customers where they are: We live in an around-the-clock, digital society; increasingly so after the last year when remote operations became a daily reality. Traditional phone calls still have their place, but secure text messaging and emails, in addition to other digital conveniences, have become commonplace. Be sure your company is poised to provide appointment scheduling services and other account solutions using the platform that your patrons prefer.
  3. Practice sincerity: Customers are hoping for an authentic experience whenever they call a business to ask a question, place an order, or file a complaint. Providing an interaction that is genuine is half the battle, as your callers are most satisfied when they feel someone is truly listening to their needs and pursuing a solution in real time.

Here’s a fourth, bonus tip to improve your customer service: hire a professional answering service. Answering service agents routinely deliver knowledgeable, compassionate, and prompt responses to your callers’ questions, concerns, and requests using a variety of techniques, from traditional phone calls to email to secure text message. And by using select keywords and phrases specific to your business, conversation with customers can feel spontaneous, organic, and completely unscripted – which immediately boosts your credibility.

Focus Answering Service in on the job around the clock. We work hard to protect our clients’ reputations, build their brands, and improve customer service. Find out more and request a quote today.