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‘’What’s that Strange Smell in My Apartment?’ How Your Virtual Receptionist Answers the Tough Questions

Professional Answering Service

November 22, 2021

Virtual receptionists can answer the tough questions that service managers have to deal with from the residents they assist. As a property management answering service, one of our favorites is raised every November, without fail, when renters encounter an olfactory oddity that puts them on red alert.

“What is that strange smell in my apartment?”

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this fantastic new mystery odor always happens to coincide with the landlord turning the heat back on in preparation for the oncoming cold snap.

Burning smells that align with a recently reengaged heating unit are incredibly common, and no big deal in the scheme of things. Over the course of the year, dust and dirt settle on internal heating components. When the system kicks back on, these mini particles are incinerated, causing a burning smell that gradually passes after a few days of use.

Understandably – particularly for newer residents who have never experienced it before – this smoky scent can cause a bit of alarm. Within seconds, concerned residents are reaching for their phones.

If you’ve planned ahead, your knowledgeable virtual receptionist will intercept these frantic calls, and put minds and noses at ease with a measured, reassuring response.

Answering services – the good ones, that is – are awesome like that. They regularly field the tough questions, the odd questions, the incomprehensible questions, and the 3 a.m. “why in the world did I pick up the phone” questions that, unfortunately, can make or break your business if they’re not answered with an even tone and a willing ear.

The bottom line is this: Your virtual receptionist can answer the tough questions because they get to know your business inside and out. It’s their job to do their research and pair that with a custom, paraphrased script conceived with your direct input to put callers at ease.

A quality virtual receptionist will also help you help your residents when they are in serious need:

  • Comprehensive property management triage, including accurate and prompt messaging to on-call personnel.
  • Immediate escalation for calls that meet your pre-established criteria.
  • On the fly updates to on-call lists at any time from any Internet-connected device.
  • Consistent, compassionate response to all customers, at all times.

Wondering how a virtual receptionist can help you grow your business? Focus Answering Service has the answers you are looking for – and the answers your callers are looking for. Reach out to us today to learn more.