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Hiring an Assistant Can Be Terrifying

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October 30, 2018

“Too many business owners see hiring an assistant as an unnecessary reduction in their own compensation,” said businessman Levi King in a recent Inc. blog.

King is the founder of Nav, a FinTech company that helps business owners manage financial data and obtain additional funding. According to him, the key to running a successful business lies in prioritizing.

Many business owners are quick to equate hiring outside help with a loss of funds, when nothing could be further from the truth. In the article, King notes that investing in expanded capacity leads to expanded freedom. More freedom, ultimately, leads to more profit.
It is important to realize there are things ONLY you, as a business owner, can do, and giving yourself time to do them is critical to the stability of your company.

At Focus Telecommunications, we understand how difficult it can be for business owners to take that step. Even when you realize you’re spending time on tasks that could be completed by an entry level employee, the fear lingers that hiring an assistant will be a commitment you cannot afford.

However, you must be able to devote quality time to the tasks only you can achieve.

There exists an alternative to the daunting prospect of hiring an assistant, however; a sensible way to expand your company and free your precious time without the headaches of adding a new employee (including the taxes and red tape that are involved).

Hire Focus Telecommunications as an interim partner.

As an answering service and business support partner, Focus can schedule appointments, provide callers with information, arrange estimates, and much more. AND we can provide all services using your business’s online portal.

We can be the assistant you need but are reluctant to hire.

Put your fears away and contact our sales and support team today for a FREE consultation on how this can work for you.