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How Local Answering Services Get to Know Your Customers Better

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October 21, 2020

Quality local answering services are an asset to businesses because, over time, they can get to know your customers as people – not just names and numbers on a page or monitor.

For repeat callers, your answering service can log certain information, like name, phone number, and address, in a caller database. This information, while basic, can make communication much more efficient while expediting service with each call.

Here are just three more ways local answering services get to know your customers and their needs:

  • They pinpoint problem areas. While discussing frequently asked questions and concerns with your clients, local answering services can get under the hood, so to speak. They determine what issues, if any, exist and how they may be related to the initial reason for your customer’s call. This helps you take steps toward making improvements companywide. It also drives customer satisfaction exponentially, and helps you build a stronger business.
  • If you’ve got a problem, hey, they’ll solve it. Finding out how many times a customer has phoned in with the same complaint or concern is eye-opening. Offering an actual solution when a problem first rears its head is paramount and helps you earn high performance scores. Local answering services help your customers troubleshoot their issues. If all else fails, the call is escalated to a manager or specialist who can deliver relief in real time. This takes the onus off your customer, eliminates repeated attempts for resolution, and curries favor for you.
  • They ask about referrals. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just ask. Local answering services get to know your customers and gauge how successful you are in serving them by asking if they would recommend your company to others. The bad news? If you receive even one “no,” you have some work to do. The good news: With each “yes,” another mental seed is planted for your customers to actually spread the word.

“Getting to know you” is one of Focus Answering Service’s specialties. While serving property management clients in the DMV area, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, we have remained active members of the following networking organizations:

  • Property Management Association DC Chapter (PMA-DC)
  • Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA)
  • Northern Ohio Apartment Association (NOAA)
  • Pennsylvania Apartment Association

As a 24-hour answering service, we have helped numerous clients glean important information about their customers, helping them provide better service while building their reputations. Questions? Call us at 800-783-1972 to learn more.