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4 Pitfalls of Being One of the Fastest-Growing Franchises in the Country

Phone Answering

February 10, 2023

Pop quiz: What do Taco Bell, Jersey Mike’s, and Dunkin Donuts all have in common? If you answered cholesterol – well… we’re not going to tell you you’re wrong. But they’re also three of the fastest-growing franchises in the country today. Obviously, this trio of powerhouses has been busy making a name for themselves for quite a while now. And to the victors go the spoils, as they say – but also the setbacks and the stresses.

In other words, it’s not easy being popular.

Here are just four pitfalls inherent in being part of a fast-growing franchise:

  1. Consistency often takes a hit. In every walk of life – and business – consistency is the key. But for rapidly growing franchises, it can sometimes take a back seat as infrastructure and financials take precedence. But beware. All too frequently franchisors begin to neglect certain duties, like training and mentorship. This not only leaves franchisees without a true north but may also lead to a breakdown of the cohesiveness that started a brand’s rise to the top in the first place.
  2. Key values can get kicked to the curb. Meteoric rises can sometimes cause business owners to play fast and loose when licensing out their good name. And the same can be said for new franchisees, who – eager to get their new business off the ground – may make some hasty decisions to start balls rolling. But take care! Hire only the best of the best, even when it may be tempting to spread the word – and the services – of your popular brand quickly. Otherwise, you risk ruining the goodwill you’ve established so far. Similarly, a franchise’s company culture takes time to foster. As an owner or manager, it’s up to you to set the company tone and values, and then take great care in finding the right team to showcase them.
  3. Long-distance logistics get scrambled: Typically, when a franchise launches – the first franchisees out the gate are usually geologically close to the original company. This allows for a certain amount of oversight initially. But depending on the speed at which the franchise expands, it won’t be long before there are sites in every corner of the country, making quality control a bit trickier. Ultimately, this makes engagement with your entire team paramount, to ensure that every employee is accurately and enthusiastically representing your brand.
  4. The phones are ALWAYS ringing: Hey, it’s a great problem to have, right? As one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country – or, at least, the neighborhood – you’re going to have to get used to that sound. It’s the sound of success. But the good news is a professional answering service can help you man the phones, while you focus on forging an awesome business.

Did you know? With more than 160 franchise locations in the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Appliance® is one of the fastest-growing appliance repair franchise organizations in America. And Focus Answering Service answers for dozens of Mr. Appliance franchisees across the country.

Here’s how we do it:

  • After-hours coverage: We work around the clock for our Mr. Appliance franchises. Callers speak to a compassionate and knowledgeable agent, leave a detailed message, and receive a callback during business hours when it’s convenient for them – and our client. As a Focus customer, you decide what constitutes an emergency. On-call crews are dispatched only when needed.
  • Appointment scheduling: Why waste precious time trying to schedule an appointment with a prospect who is only available via email or text message? Our team handles it all quickly, easily, and politely for our franchise customers, freeing up critical time for their on-call crews.
  • Comprehensive follow-through: Cancelled appointments are always a pain, but for franchisees, they also mean lost revenue. Our agents will quickly reschedule jobs without interrupting the workday or our customers’ bottom line.

Focus Answering Service has been fielding calls for some of the fastest-growing franchises for decades. We have the tools and the talent to make a difference and will help you manage incoming calls, keep projects in line and on time, and boost your reputation in the process. And believe us – once customer service is firing on all cylinders, the rest tends to fall into place.

Give us a call at 800-783-1972 today to learn more.