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Customer Service in 2022

Don’t Drop the Ball on Customer Service in 2022

Customer Service

December 22, 2021

Have you heard how customers are going to want to be treated in 2022? Surprise, surprise – the exact same way they wanted (and hopefully were) treated all year long. So it’s safe to say that customer service in 2022 hasn’t changed.

The ways we do business may change throughout the years, but one thing remains relatively constant: your customers want to be respected, heard, and helped with the issue at hand. And that’s that. It’s not a Top Secret formula or clandestine mystery. It’s common courtesy and human decency.

But there are ways to expedite it and maximize its effects. So, in honor of the giving season – here are four tips to provide optimal customer service in 2022:

  1. DON’T be fake: Savvy customers can tell when they’re being fed a line. This is far from their first rodeo, and they can smell a spiel a mile away. Authenticity is the best arrow in your theoretical quiver and the first one you should reach for. Your customers are craving a genuine experience. Give it to them.
  2. DO be patient. People want to be listened to. Plain and simple. And a few moments spent hearing someone out can save you hours of wasted time on the back end. Listen carefully, pay close attention to details, and catch any errors in messaging before they slip through and send you back to square one.
  3. DON’T delay: Often in today’s technological world, automated systems make callers jump through hoops before they are either transferred to the wrong department or placed on indefinite hold. And consumers are losing their patience in a big way. Whenever possible, answer your business calls swiftly and courteously. Leveraging the power of a person goes a long way (even if you can’t answer on that first ring.) Greeting customers with an actual, non-recorded human voice makes them feel more… well, human (and not like a number). Go figure.
  4. DEFINITELY get professional help: Consider this. Perhaps 20% of your calls are from customers who have a truly urgent and legitimate need or issue. The remaining daily deluge is an exercise in repetition. Answering the same questions over and over and over… When you outsource your telephone answering needs to a specialist, you can reallocate resources where they are most needed. Both you and your customers benefit, as your team becomes more productive, and your customer service becomes increasingly streamlined.

Focus Answering Service offers around-the-clock answering solutions that will help you maximize your customer service in 2022. In addition to answering your calls in a natural, conversational, and knowledgeable manner, we also provide:

  • Email processing
  • Ticket entry
  • Report generation
  • Telephone orders
  • Follow-up calls
  • And more!

Have a happy holiday season, and we’ll talk to you soon.