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How Customer Service Trends Attract Millennials to Your Properties

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October 02, 2020

As a property manager, you simply must keep up with the latest customer service trends. They may just be as essential a tool for you as brick and mortar.

When you are hoping to fill vacancies, the age of your residents is likely a low-level concern, compared to simply scoring a check that clears each and every month. However, millennials remain a prime demographic when it comes to rental properties, as residual impact from the last recession, sizeable student loans, and stricter credit companies make them think twice about buying a home. Connecting with these individuals will be paramount for your business.

The millennial generation is also a coveted asset when you are hiring for a growing property management team. It is estimated that by 2030 more than 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. And who better to attract, inform, and convert millennial leads than someone from their own age and social group.

Regardless of the need – tenant or team member – leveraging customer service trends will be a significant component of attracting their attention – and keeping it.

  • Communication is key: It’s no secret – millennials are as tech savvy as they come, and if you’re only attempting to contact them via traditional phone calls, you may as well be using two tin cans and a long piece of string. Secure text messaging and email will be invaluable tools to tap into when catering to your millennial residents.
  • Computerize convenience: Millennials live and breathe by their smartphones – and they have not grown accustomed to being able to order a meal, hail a taxi (sorry… Uber), and pinpoint where their pals are geographically for a meetup, all while checking the weather for the next two weeks – they were born into that privilege. If they can overnight designer shoes and set up a blind date with nothing but a click and a swipe, making an appointment, canceling a meeting, and checking in on the status of their account should be child’s play as far as they are concerned. Make certain your company is equipped to handle these tasks digitally.
  • Play the long game: Millennials tend to have no issues with jumping ship if their needs are not being met, whether from an employer or a landlord. Gallup even christened them “the job-hopping generation,” due to their penchant for saying “sayonara” if they don’t feel engaged, valued, or heard. That means property management companies need to up their customer service game exponentially and provide knowledgeable, compassionate, and prompt responses to all questions, concerns, and requests – whether via phone call, email, text message, or in-person.

Leveraging customer service trends to attract a coveted audience isn’t a new trick, but it is time-consuming. Luckily, with a 24-hour answering service like Focus on your side – you can forget leveraging trends and take the technology straight to your customers. Focus offers SMS solutions and online portal integration for your company’s employees, and we regularly answer for commercial properties, multi-family residential properties, and contractors who work for property managers. We handle it all, from run of the mill questions, to beyond the pale problems, technical support, message taking, and more. Give us a shout to get started.