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The 3 Customer Service Risks of Losing One Good Lead to Voicemail

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June 16, 2022

Who was it that said, “one is the loneliest number?” Whoever it was, don’t believe it. Sure, one can be lonely. But go ahead and make your answering machine your receptionist for a week, and you will soon see how just one customer can have a whole lot of influence across the board.

Here are just 3 big customer service risks associated with losing just one good lead to voicemail:

  1. Missed opportunities: This should go without saying, but “the one that got away”? Who knows? That could have been your business’s theoretical white whale – the prospect that could have changed the face of your brand forever for the better. And even if that one lead you lost to voicemail wasn’t the be-all, end-all for your success, who’s to say that a friend of a friend of a friend of that caller wasn’t? When you send one legitimate prospect to voicemail, you don’t just lose them, you lose the limitless networking opportunities that he or she represented. Don’t put yourself in the position of wondering “what if” indefinitely. Partner with a quality answering service and leave nothing to chance.
  2. Sullied reputation: Speaking of networking, nothing spreads faster than negative word of mouth from an unsatisfied customer. We’ve banged the drum about these customer service risks in the past. If your business is consistently turning potential customers away to the no-man’s-land of voicemail, don’t be surprised if your reputation as an unreliable, indifferent, or uncaring company begins to grow. Occasionally, voicemail cannot be avoided. We get that. But an answering service can boost your batting average so that the lion’s share of your callers are initially connected with a warm, welcoming, and helpful agent who can answer their questions knowledgeably and with conviction.
  3. An immediate strike out: For many customers, voicemail is not merely a one-time aggravation. It’s the first, second, and third strikes against your business all rolled into one. Between flawed, frustrating, and seemingly endless series of automated prompts that frequently misunderstand your verbal directives and a series of button presses that get customers nowhere but back at the main menu, many callers cut their losses with the first sign of an impersonal robotic concierge. And that’s a customer service risk so many businesses simply cannot afford.

Outsourcing your answering service needs to Focus guarantees that every single one of your callers will interact with a compassionate, confident, and knowledgeable agent who is explicitly trained to answer for your industry. That not only reduces and mitigates customer service risks, but it also helps you to save time, money, and so many hassles. Contact us today to learn more.