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Ring in the New Year with These 4 Customer Service Resolutions

Customer Service

December 28, 2022

Ready to hit the ground running at midnight on Jan. 1?

Trick question. (You should be on the ground, running, as we speak.)

Providing quality customer service has never been easy – and it’s not going to get any easier in 2023.

But by making some simple customer service resolutions, you can get ahead of your competition, while making your callers feel like they matter (because believe us, they do).

  1. Give your answering machine a break: Most customers absolutely hate voicemail, or at least the impersonality of it – and losing just one prospect to an automated answering system could have huge ramifications on your bottom line. So take it easy on that front. Instead, opt for the warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable assistance of an experienced answering service agent who will protect your reputation while delivering exemplary customer support.
  2. Never keep them waiting: Sometimes, a brief hold is necessary. We all get that. But using it as a crutch or the default action all the time, without even letting a customer get a word in edgewise? That’s bad business. You never know when the next caller is going to be the year’s biggest lead and/or sale. So don’t take the chance. Prompt and courteous should be your guiding mantra. And if you’re understaffed, or without staff, outsourcing calls to a professional customer service agent can be a cost-effective and efficient means of making your customers feel like a priority, not a nuisance.
  3. Perfect your listening skills: You haven’t achieved your current level of success by shutting out customer concerns, but there’s always room for improvement when honing a helpful ear. Be attentive to details of all calls, remain patient and even-toned, and when you say you’ll follow up or follow through – make sure to do just that. More than anything, be genuine. Customers can spot a fake. Authenticity is the secret to true success.
  4. Outsource your calls. Whether you are looking to pass off all administrative needs or are simply hoping to provide your in-house team some relief so that they can forego the ringing phones and focus on what you hired them for – Focus Answering Service can help. As a full-fledged administrative extension of your business, our skilled agents learn the ins and outs of your company, its mission, and your industry overall. Solutions can be as simple or as customized as called for, and your callers will never know they’re speaking to an answering service.

Subpar customer service can sink a business fast. Remember: 91% of customers who have a negative experience with a business never complain, they just disappear. By making – and keeping – these four customer service resolutions, you can help to ensure that you keep paying customers around for years to come.