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4 Ways Call Centers Guarantee Accurate Dispatch Procedures

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July 02, 2019

Precision and accuracy. They’re the linchpins of custom dispatch procedures for property managers.

You cannot afford to have an incomplete message sent to the wrong on-call when one of your residents is frantic due to flood waters rising in her bathroom.

The use of impeccable custom dispatch procedures makes all the difference.

A 24-hour answering service assists property managers during times of frustration and crisis by ensuring messages are not only detailed, but also delivered to the appropriate on-call personnel without fail.

Dispatching is an artform, however, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Here are just four ways a quality call center can make your property management job easier with custom dispatch procedures:

  1. Understanding the message before sending a single word. Mistakes are easy to make, and nearly impossible to rescind. It only takes one minute to double-check the details to ensure a dispatch meets the correct criteria for immediate delivery. Your call center should always take a “measure twice, cut once” approach to emergency dispatch.
  2. Sending the message to the correct on-call. Many property managers handle several different divisions of a company, with different professionals on-call for different jobs at different times. A quality call center will check and recheck the details before reaching out to your on-call personnel.
  3. Following protocol to the letter. Custom dispatch procedures can involve multiple steps. Some agents will need to accomplish several tasks simultaneously, while other scenarios will involve taking one step at a time. Reaching an answering machine, for instance, may require special directions – from leaving a name and number, to leaving a complete and detailed message. When texting a message, an answering service representative must also follow established procedures regarding waiting for a response, prior to trying another method.
  4. NEVER relying on memory. Things change. A client may have always done things in a certain way and then somehow – for some unknown reason – made significant alterations out of the blue. Call center representatives are trained not to rely on their memory of client behavior, and instead to read everything thoroughly to avoid thoughtless errors.

An ideal call center agent will double check the instructions for every account every time dispatch is needed. Reliability is the key to successfully implementing custom dispatch procedures. At Focus, our calls are answered by compassionate and knowledgeable agents who not only understand your business inside and out – but can also reassure your residents and tenants that help is on the way. We then notify you using the proper channels, be it text, email, or telephone.

Remember: YOU are in control, and you decide what constitutes an emergency for your property.

Call Focus today at 800-886-6696 and ask about our free one-week trial.