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The Real Cost of Bad Customer Service is Something You Can Never Afford

Customer Service

July 23, 2020

In a world of automated service, and particularly during a pandemic when companies are stretched to the limit – people who finally get people on the phone are really lucky.

Human connection is perhaps the most critical component of providing good customer service. But the trick is that it can’t be just any, “whaddaya want,” run-of-the-mill person-to-person engagement. It has to be empathetic and genuine and tailored to finding the solution your caller requires.

And if you don’t have that, well – back to the drawing board.

We’ll say it again: first impression is everything.

Bad news – and bad customer service – travels fast. In fact, according to American Express, the average consumer tells 15 other people about a bad interaction. Put a sour taste in someone’s mouth from the start, and watch that spiral out of control, wreaking havoc on your bottom line.

Consistent service combining compassionate listening and true problem-solving skills is essential to maintaining customer loyalty. Response time, enthusiasm, action – it’s all about making your customers feel important and valued. Set a high service standard for yourself and your employees and meet it repeatedly with each and every call.

We’ve shared this stat before, but it bears repeating: Your customers could not care less if you exceed their expectations 90% of the time. It’s that lingering ten percent when you send someone to voicemail, or simply don’t respond at all, that is going to come back to bite you. And bad customer service is a shark with big teeth.

Consider these other costs of bad customer service:

  • According to American Express, one third of consumers say they would consider leaving a company after just ONE bad experience.
  • Addressing an issue head-on, during a first engagement, can prevent 67% of customer churn – or the percentage of customers who cease using your service during a certain timeframe.
  • A WHOPPING 91% of unhappy customers will never complain about bad service – they’ll simply leave.

You cannot afford the cost of bad customer service. No business can – even in the best of times.

When doing business with Focus Telecommunications, all of your calls will be answered by knowledgeable agents who provide prompt, personable – and consistent – customer service designed to build and/or maintain your reputation as a property manager. Contact us today to get started.