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Your Clients Won’t Know When You Are Not Working When You Hire a Professional Call Center

Phone Answering

December 26, 2020

Perception is everything. When a customer dials your number, they want to know that the person answering the phone has a working knowledge of the business, and a vested interest in providing them with the help they require. The perception that a caller has reached an on-site team member and not an outsourced vendor is absolutely paramount. That’s why hiring a professional call center that excels in making your customers feel at home and in good hands is so important to your reputation and your bottom line.

A quality answering service creates the illusion, if you will, that you are on the job 24-hours a day, regardless of whether you’re in the office, or catching some shut-eye at home. The good ones do this by learning the ropes and developing a rapport with your team. Customized scripting allows agents to sound spontaneous when talking with a customer, while a series of bullet points and key phrases specific to your industry and your specific business help to foster a knowledgeable and natural dialogue.

But it’s more than just talking points. A professional call center seamlessly bridges the gap between your customers and your crew with:

  • Quick-wit and a calm demeanor: Your professional call center’s agents are skilled listeners who exhibit a unique ability to address a caller’s concerns calmly and sincerely. This not only provides your callers with reassurance, but it boosts your reputation as a company that cares.
  • Attention to detail: An answering service has complete working knowledge of the criteria and protocols established by your business, leaving no room for messaging or dispatch errors, and expediting your response time to clients and/or residents.
  • Grace under pressure: The best answering service operators leverage training and experience to make the proper call concerning potentially hazardous or emergency situations. Agents can then notify all maintenance crews immediately, protecting property managers from lost funds and liability.

When you choose Focus Answering Service as your professional call center, you gain a full-fledged extension of your business. That means regardless of who calls, or what their concerns may be, customers will never realize you were not “on duty.” When you’re away from your desk – we’ve got you covered. Request a quote today.