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Why Awards and Certifications Matter when Choosing an Answering Service

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February 25, 2019

IIf you’re in the middle of choosing an answering service, you’ve noticed the ads and web pages touting the certifications and awards different companies have earned.  They’re not just boasting. Those accolades mean something big for the people who have achieved these goals.

When you see a company that has a list of these honors you can rest assured their products and services are good enough to stand up to the rigors of competition; that they have what it takes to be measured and not found lacking.  One of the reasons a business takes part in such programs is to have their performance measured by impartial judges.

As businesses, we not only compare our scores to those of our worthy competitors, we compare ourselves against our previous scores to improve our personal best. There is usually much celebrating when the awards are released each year. There is also disappointment occasionally, when we pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Some awards, such as the Award of Excellence and the Award of Distinction given by both the Association of Telemessaging Services International – a U.S.-based organization for our industry – and CAM-X, a similar Canadian Based organization, take months to complete. These two have hundreds of areas upon which our agents are scored.

Certifications, especially, require significant time and expense to prepare for and maintain through regular updates. Certified companies have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s in a long list of requirements that promise a more stable, reliable, company technologically, as well as one that maintains the best business practices.  When a company goes to these lengths to prove their worth, they can usually be trusted to give exceptional service to their clients.

Choosing an answering service isn’t easy, but look no further than Focus. We take part in all of these public measurements – and more – to assess our quality and dependability. We want to be sure we are offering the best in customer service, value, and support for our clients.