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Call Centers Extend Your Customer Service Hours, 24/7

Customer Service

March 01, 2018

Quality customer service is the key to a successful company. And an answering service should be a significant part of your organization because of how vital call centers are.

We live in an “I Want It NOW” society.  We’re used to Googling for instant knowledge, MapQuesting for instant directions, and Yelping when we don’t get instant gratification!

A well-informed answering service can give your company a caring reputation that will bring more customers your way.

Answering services are the beating heart of your company after hours. When a client perceives that something isn’t right, they call you.  Many businesses are open 8-12 hours a day. What happens when your customer needs you during the other 12 to 16? That’s when they should be able to talk to a person at your answering service. Make sure these folks are equipped to handle your vital calls. They should know how to give first call resolution whenever possible and when to escalate a caller to someone who can assist them. They aren’t just “message takers” anymore.

Never underestimate the many ways your answering service can give your customers what they need, 24/7.  Make sure they know enough about your business to speak knowledgeably.  Most answering services (also referred to as contact centers or call centers) can check the status of orders, complete forms, and schedule return calls when the office reopens. The dedicated people working in these companies understand and deliver the customer care that’s needed in a business environment.

Using an answering service means your clients can to choose how and when they interact with your company, even when it is not convenient for you.

More and more customer-centered businesses are using answering services to provide the caring image and engagement they want their patrons to have whenever they choose to call. The contact center is more important than ever. Now is the time for every business to capitalize on their ability to cement customer relationships by providing a constant, caring presence, 24-hours a day.