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Keep Your Business’ Phone Number with Call Forwarding Solutions

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May 28, 2020

Call forwarding solutions allow businesses to utilize their established phone number when working with a telephone answering service.

Call forwarding is achieved with a unique toll-free number assigned to you by your answering service, and a designated forwarding code provided by your telephone carrier. It really is that simple. And in times like these, while many workforces continue to work outside of office, it may be absolutely critical for your ongoing success.
Here are just a few options available to you:

Automatic Call Forwarding: When implementing this option, the phone never rings in your office, and all calls are forwarded directly to your telephone answering service. This option, typically used after hours, may be of immediate benefit to many business owners.

Manual Call Forwarding: Under some circumstances, you may want your on-site staff to determine when to transfer company calls (peak call times may be preferable, for instance). This can be achieved using a code provided by your provider and a dedicated forwarding number from your answering service.

Delayed or Conditional Call Forwarding: Delayed call forwarding will only redirect calls after a predetermined number of rings, giving your staff a chance to answer the phones first, if you so desire. If the call remains unanswered, it is subsequently rerouted to your answering service.

Busy Call Forwarding: When your business line is occupied, calls are redirected to your call center, guaranteeing that your customers never have the displeasure of a droning busy signal.

Scheduled Call Forwarding: Calls can also be routed to your call center at predetermined times throughout the workday or week. You are in complete control.

With call forwarding solutions provided by your telephone line carrier, Focus Telecommunications will help ensure calls are answered on your timetable, and with little to no resources, whatsoever. No more phone tag. No more missed calls. No more voicemail frustrations. You set the schedule, and our dedicated team of compassionate and knowledgeable agents will take care of the rest.

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