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Making a List, Checking It Twice: How Order Taking & Processing Can Boost Your Holiday Sales

Order Taking & Processing

December 10, 2018

“The next item is #34251, the red plush robe, size medium, at $87.99,” Mrs. Claus said in a cheery voice. “And the final item will be the blackwatch plaid pajamas, XXL – for Santa, you know, at $48.99.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Claus,” the call center representative replied. “I’ll repeat those items back in just one moment. But I see that there are matching slippers for that red robe. Would you like to add them to your order?”

Mrs. Claus DID want the matching slippers, and she also added the wrapping paper special that the company was offering, adding $61.89 to her order.

The agent taking the call slipped the upsells in so naturally that Mrs. Claus was delighted with the young woman’s helpfulness.

That is the way good order-taking is done, in a helpful, no pressure way that people respond to naturally.

Upselling and cross-selling can significantly increase the average order value (AVO) when someone is ordering from a catalogue, which of course increases the overall revenue.

Equally important, it usually increases the customer’s appreciation of the care they received during the call. Mrs. Claus was thrilled with the matching slippers and gave an excellent review of both the company and the level of customer service she experienced.

Order taking is an art whether the client has a small catalogue or just a few items to sell.  And while online chat support is steadily becoming a staple in the world of e-commerce, many of today’s consumers still prefer to speak directly with a customer service representative or salesperson prior to making a purchase.

Particularly during the hectic holiday season, order taking & processing services can build confidence and provide reassurance for potential customers. Questions can be answered, hesitations eased, and a rapport developed that leads to a sense of satisfaction and repeat business.

Here are four additional festive ways outsourcing your order taking & processing to a call center can help to boost your holiday sales:

  • Around the clock convenience: 24/7 coverage from a call center ensures each and every one of your customers is catered to – from grandmothers grabbing late-night gifts for their grandkids to last-minute holiday shoppers attempting to squeeze one more surprise into the proceedings.
  • Wait times are reduced. Gift givers who are weary of hustling and bustling will be relieved when their phone calls to customer service are handled promptly and efficiently. Order taking & processing call centers can minimize waits, maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Impulse buys are encouraged: As mentioned, cross and upselling possibilities abound during the holidays. And meticulously trained answering service representatives are adept at gently pointing potential buyers in the direction of additional products and services that can make their holidays merry and bright.
  • No need to hire holiday staff: Outsourcing your order taking needs frees up critical time, resources, and funds that your company would normally use enlisting new staff. A professional answering service can handle your calls around the clock, managing overflow, after-hour order emergencies, and much more.

At Focus Telecommunications, our customizable order taking & processing services are driven by our personable agents, who – while not elves, necessarily – are nonetheless working around the clock to make sure your customers are content:

  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Conversational scripting
  • Accurate quotes
  • Gentle up-selling
  • Safe, secure transactions
  • Personalized service for repeat callers

Better yet, we can field and file orders via real-time entry into your e-commerce site, or we can upload and integrate your catalog using our software.

Focus’s holiday helpers are standing by. Give us a call at 800-783-1972 to learn more or contact us online.