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3 Ways an Association Answering Service Maintains Membership Numbers

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August 19, 2021

An association answering service will stay on top of things, making certain that retention remains strong, recruitment soars, and the word spreads that you’re looking for a few good members.

Organizations thrive on, well, organization. From membership drives to meetings, to managing your in-house team, wrangling volunteers, and recruiting new blood, your association is consistently on the go. Logistically, it can be a nightmare.

Juggling the needs of current members, future members, and those undecided few who are on the cusp of renewal is an integral part of your job and the life’s blood of your association. Without proper management, your numbers dwindle, and your reputation sinks.

Staffing an association is a costly prospect. The skills and institutional knowledge of your salaried employees are wasted on fielding phone calls from prospects. An association answering service will man the phone lines, bringing new talent on board – while your existing team tends to the cause you’re known for.

Most importantly your constituents and supporters will always reach a knowledgeable, compassionate person who understands your association’s policies and operating procedures. A casual and comprehensive custom script, based on key phrases you provide, will ensure callers never know your on-site team is away from their desks or otherwise indisposed.

Additionally, association answering services are available when you need them and are only paid when they are actively working on your behalf, whether that’s around-the-clock coverage, or being brought on board to tackle seasonal influxes.

An association answering service deftly handles all of the following tasks (and many more):

  • New member coordination
  • Handling requests for literature, etc.
  • Upgrading/adjusting memberships
  • Processing conference registrations/payment
  • Pledge drive management
  • Administrative support
  • And much more!

Manning the phones is, in many ways, the lifeline for an association. As an association answering service with decades of success to our credit, Focus Answering Service will help you maintain strong membership numbers while boosting your bottom line in the process. Reach out to us today to learn more.