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Answering Service Technology Streamlines After-Hours Property Management Concerns

Phone Answering

December 21, 2020

It’s Christmastime – make sure to leave some space on that list to Santa for some cutting-edge answering service technology. After all, ‘tis the season for the latest and greatest toys, video games, and gadgets with all of the new bells and whistles. It’s not all too different for property managers, is it? As business owners, we’re always looking for the most recent, state-of-the-art tools and tech that can help us serve our customers better.

Here are just a few that will keep your customers – and your crew – merry throughout the year.

  • Unparalleled accessibility: An ideal collaborator will be able to use custom answering service technology to seamlessly integrate with your company’s unique database. This allows for immediate access to resident information, including name, address, phone number and more – so that messages can be assessed, addressed, and delivered to you or your on-call team quickly, completely, and in whatever mode they prefer.
  • Call forwarding: Forwarding is a simple, yet critical practice that can prove invaluable for crews working outside of the office, as well as on-call and maintenance personnel. A dedicated telephone number is assigned to you by your answering service, and a designated forwarding code is given to you by your telephone carrier. A number of options are available to your business, such as automatic call forwarding – which sends all calls directly to your answering service for after-hour coverage, and busy call forwarding, which redirects calls only when your business lines are occupied.
  • SMS Solutions: More than 6 billion texts are sent daily, and Americans text approximately twice as much as they call. Reach your customers – and your on-call personnel – via their preferred means of communication. SMS solutions allow customers to text you by using your business’s text-enabled landline. This allows your answering service to swiftly respond to callers quickly, efficiently, and with the same stellar level of service. SMS is safe, secure, and requires no additional hardware and your voice service is never disrupted in any way. Most importantly, this answering service technology cuts down on agent time, which lowers your monthly bill, while expediting internal processes and your response time.

Answering service technology can significantly streamline processes and assuage after-hour concerns from your customers. But your business truly reaps the benefits when those tools are paired with the tireless efforts of a compassionate and skilled customer care team. Focus Answering Service is in the business of putting your most important assets – your residents, and their needs – first. Our agents answer incoming calls with knowledge, dexterity, and a true willingness to help. Find out more about our philosophy by calling us at 800-886-6696 and requesting a quote online.