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4 Ways Knowledgeable Answering Service Operators Protect Your Reputation

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December 20, 2019

A greeting by a personable and proficient answering service operator sends a message to your residents that they are in good hands. This protects your reputation as a property manager and helps it grow and thrive.

Here are just four ways these talented professionals make it all possible:

  • A listening ear: It’s the virtue employed by all of the best answering service operators in the business. As a property manager, you know all too well the number of calls from cranky, concerned, and even manic residents that must be addressed on a daily basis. Truly professional agents will represent you and your company with efficiency and compassion. Most importantly, they will provide reassurance to your residents while relaying critical information to your on-call personnel.
  • A level head: Stellar answering service operators don’t simply take calls, but are also able to leverage meticulous training and experience in order to “make the call” if and when an emergency situation arises. At Focus, for example, our policy is to alert maintenance crews of ALL potentially hazardous situations, saving our property management clients embarrassment, enraged residents, mounting repair costs– and far worse.
  • A late-night response: Gone are the days of television test patterns until the rooster crowed. It’s a 24/7 world – and we all have to live in it. Even residents who are not faced with an emergency may have a question or concern for you, their property manager, when you’re grabbing those few (rare) Zs you can afford. Offering around-the-clock availability courtesy of a call center ensures your properties and the people who live and work there are continuously covered.
  • A lot of attention: Mistakes are far too easy to make, and in property management they can be devastating. Answering service operators are trained to triple-check details when dispatching to make certain the appropriate on-call receives the proper information. They follow protocol to a T, and never, ever rely on memory – reading everything through before acting in your best interests.

At Focus Telecommunications, we pride ourselves in calling the right person, with the right information, at the right time. Call us today at 800-783-1972 to find out how our answering service operators can make you look better than ever.

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