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Answering Service for Beauty Salons

Answering Service for Beauty Salons

Case Study

October 02, 2018

Something that could be very valuable is an answering service for beauty salons. Let me explain. Our client was a beautician who wanted to help other women realize their own dreams. She planned to launch multiple salons dedicated to “the big day” in any woman’s life – her wedding.

Her budget was modest, and she knew most of her capital would go toward hiring and training the best stylists to provide impeccable, exotic, and creative hair and makeup styles. But she also understood that hiring and retaining a good receptionist – while perhaps the least glamorous and most unfulfilling part of the equation – was the key to making her plan work. The position would also be the most difficult to keep staffed, particularly for three salons, and she would not have time to train and retrain personnel.

Desiring to devote her time and energy on developing signature styles – and the people who create them – she sought Focus’ advice, wanting to know if it would be possible to outsource even a portion of these responsibilities to our team.

A Good Hair Day Gets Even Better  

Focus was onboard immediately. We would make it work.

The client already used scheduling software for her unique services, which we were given access to. Ads for the salons had been placed in many bridal magazines. Two out of her three locations were primed and ready for customers. Her first creative stylists had been hired.  She was ready to put the appointment making piece of the puzzle in place.

Focus’ job was to respond to e-mails (phone numbers had not been included in any advertisements) and handle all appointment setting, from initial conference calls to sample styling, to the big day when attendants and family and, of course, the bride would have their hair and makeup done.

Various personal appointments and additional services would also need scheduling.

It was a big job, but we were confident the results would dazzle everyone.

The Highlights of a Job Well Done

Salons were only open for preplanned appointments, so there was ultimately no need for an on-site receptionist. This resulted in a savings of approximately $900 per week per salon, or about $50,000 after taxes, employer costs, etc. For all three salons, this totaled more than $150,000 per year.

A Focus representative was made available to field e-mails four hours per day, in addition to a standard telephone answering service account, which was largely used for urgent calls as the big day approached.

Brides could call any time, day or night, and speak to an agent who was familiar with their needs and could assist them in many ways.  Many of the client’s incoming calls were patched directly to the bride’s requested stylist, with messages being taken and texted to the appropriate specialists whenever necessary.

Appointments could be changed at a moment’s notice and additional people added to the schedule for the big day. Even requests for hair pieces, tiaras, and jewelry were handled by our expert staff.

The client’s bill at Focus rarely exceeded $2,500 a month, or $30,000 per year, for all three locations, creating an annual savings of approximately $120,000.

“I could not have imagined this working out any better than it has,” she once told us. “Thank you for being willing to take this wild ride with me. … You have shown me kindness and given me some great advice. If it weren’t for Focus, I would never have been able to do this.”

When you are a true entrepreneur with an idea you believe in, there is nothing that will keep you from making that dream come true. 

As you can see, adding an answering service for beauty salons can be quite valuable.