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3 Ways A Professional Answering Service Can Address Issues Before They Occur

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June 22, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to anticipate problems before they happen? To have a kind of sixth sense warning you of situations that could cause you financial hardship or wasted hours so that you could head them off at the pass?

We’re not fortune tellers, but something tells us hiring a professional answering service could benefit you in a big way.

While our representatives are not psychic, per se, they are dedicated and knowledgeable, and equipped with more than a few tricks up their sleeves to identify and address any potential problems.

Here are three examples.

  1. No wrong numbers. Phoning the incorrect maintenance crew member is not only unprofessional, but it can also hinder response time exponentially, leading to aggravation, at best, and damage to property – and people – in a worst-case scenario. A professional answering service’s representatives are meticulous about checking every detail before dispatching, making certain that an accurate message is delivered to the proper on-call personnel, using preauthorized methods of contact. This attention to detail can save property managers a tremendous amount of time and money and can even ward off debilitating litigation.
  2. Sidestepping a mis-hire: Tardiness, subpar customer service, and indifference or insubordination are the chances you take with each new hire. But when it comes to bringing a new receptionist on board – why roll those dice? An answering service guarantees punctuality and professional conduct. Not only that, but because such services are only compensated when actively working on your behalf, it saves you money. No paperwork, no personal time, and no problems.
  3. Diffusing that ticking timebomb: Residents in the midst of even the smallest crisis – or what they perceive to be one – can be impatient, indignant, and downright mean. It often takes a level head, a listening ear, and a calm, compassionate voice to keep urgent calls from escalating into mania. Your professional answering service will be staffed by trained, knowledgeable agents whose job is to reassure while simultaneously facilitating your response. This exceptional skill protects your reputation and fosters trusting relationships.

No, the agents of Focus Telecommunications are not clairvoyant. But the company did create the first-ever video training on answering service protocols, and your phoneline’s future is in good hands with us. Call 800-886-6696 today and ask about a free week trial.