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4 Ways to Get the Jump on Property Maintenance Calls this Spring


March 25, 2022

4 Ways to Get the Jump on Property Maintenance Calls this Spring

Spring is finally showing itself with every new bird’s nest that appears and every docile rabbit scampering across the quad of your apartment complex. 

Warmer days mean increased activity on behalf of your residents – and, subsequently, an influx of new property maintenance calls

Make sure your team, your tools, and your customer service is primed and ready when the phone rings, and get the jump on common calls with these four tips: 

  • Test your alarm systems – all of them: Your property’s smoke alarms may have a 10-year lifespan, give or take. But checking them regularly remains paramount, to ensure the safety of your residents and their guests. Every unit, every apartment, every alarm, both fire and carbon monoxide. Now’s the time for new batteries, as well. Don’t forget your security alarms, either. Work closely with your vendor to make certain all entrances are secure and make upgrades when necessary.
  • Keep your cool – and everyone else’s: Not only does maintaining accurate, consistent temp throughout your properties keep residents comfortable and content, but it also helps you to keep their utility bills, and yours, in check. Assess your building’s thermostats and make sure everything is reading correctly to stay ahead of the weather. 
  • Don’t let a bad pipe dream derail you: Winter temps can wreak havoc on a building’s pipes – so do your due diligence as an awesome property manager, and make sure everything is thoroughly inspected for bends, cracks, bulges, breaks, and anything that appears out of sorts. Likewise, boilers and furnaces should be maintained and professionally serviced after putting in such long hours throughout the winter. A little advance work can save you time and tons of money. 
  • Outsource your calls to a professional answering service: After a long winter, your residents will undoubtedly have plenty of helpful feedback for you. So, make yourself available to them whenever they need you. Focus Answering Service regularly helps property managers make a difference with the people who count on them. We get to know you, your properties, and the people that live and work there inside and out. We will help you deliver comprehensive customer service that keeps apartments occupied, and property maintenance calls streamlined. 

Get a jump on property maintenance calls this spring. Contact the Focus team today to learn how we can help you.