Website and E-mail Answering

Focus on Website and E-mail Answering

Let Focus be your partner in business. We can take information from your callers and enter it right on your website. If you have a data base of FAQ's or decision trees on your website we can access it and answer your client's questions. We can answer your E-mail, giving your clients an immediate answer saving you time and money. You can even access our web portal - change your on-call, view your messages and print reports.

Working Websites:

  • We can enter orders or data
  • Make appointments
  • Ask for surveys
  • Give out information

    When you do business on your website - let us be your partner!

    Informational Websites:

  • We can answer inquiries
  • You can have a "call" button on your site and your phone number at Focus Or - set up web chat
  • We can patch callers directly to you
  • We can answer FAQ's for your company

    Let us make sure callers get immediate answers! E-mail Response:

  • You can direct all your e-mails to Focus
  • We can respond to your e-mails
  • We can mail brochures and information
  • We can send directions and instructions
  • We can answer questions

    We will respond to your customer's needs!

    Being part of a team requires clear communication, so an account manager will work closely with you to keep both you and Focus up to date on changes in your company and in ours.

    We make use of all the tools available today…

  • Decision Trees
  • Databases
  • Data entry
  • Tracking

    And so much more!

    Chances are, if you can do it from your office, we can do it from here.

    "They have constantly improved their service offerings over the years. FOCUS is a business partner we rely on for upholding our hard-earned reputation for timely responsiveness to our clients' questions and concerns. We consider FOCUS an integral part of our success in this demanding field of business and
    recommend them without qualification."
    H.T, with HTM

    If you had a bad experience with another answering service or just want to get it right the first time,
    call Focus TODAY at 1-800-886-6696; we are ready to be on your team!

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