Service and Utilities Companies

Focus on Service and Utilities Companies

Almost all answering services take calls for Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, HVAC companies, but at Focus we truly FOCUS on our service companies.

We understand that some of your customers have service contracts and are loyal to your company, but a lot more call down a list of service providers and the first one that calls back gets the business! We can help you be that person!

  • We want our agents to know all about your business
  • Your permanent information is detailed and understandable
  • Your estimate policy is clear
  • Your contract customer policy (and contract customer list- if you wish) is quickly available
  • Your Emergency fees can be available - or that can be left for your on-call person to handle

    Focus is an active member of the Property Management Association. If you do work for apartment communities and commercial management companies, YOU NEED FOCUS!
    We understand the importance of those calls!

    We can give you a personal "mini-commercial" for your customer's to hear on the rare occasion they need to wait for an agent. Your customer will NEVER hear a radio commercial for a competitor when you use Focus.

  • If you have different people on-call for different areas - we will keep that straight
  • We can have our On-Call coordinator change your contact information on a regular basis


  • YOU can change your on-call information, view your messages and print reports, right in our computer, as often as you would like.
  • We will follow your protocol for reaching your on-call team and we will not call the wrong person.

    "Focus has done a great job handling emergency calls and screening emergency calls. Agents are always polite and respectful to the callers and they have been a good reflection on our business."
    JK, President OMC

    If you had a bad experience with another answering service or just want to get it right the first time,
    call Focus TODAY at 1-800-886-6696; we are ready to be on your team!

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