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We have many plans that are designed to keep rates low.

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Like many in the industry we bill by time - that means that the time we spend working on your behalf is measured and billed by the minute. We have several plans to choose from, and our capable Communications Consultants will help you determine which is exactly right for your needs.

We have many plans that are designed to keep rates low. For instance - When we are allowed to ask the question "Do you need service before the office reopens?" This option allows us to charge you less than if we have to determine the degree of emergency the caller is experiencing.

An automated announcement option allows the caller to get directions and other information without speaking to an agent. The caller can still press Zero to speak with an agent. This keeps costs down.

Having the same on-call delivery instructions costs less than having customized directions. But if you wish, every person listed on your account can "have it their way."

Our Communications Consultants are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit between options and cost. There is NO cost for estimates, and no costs for discussing your needs with one of our Communications Consultants. Give us your name and e-mail address so we can contact you within ONE Business Day or give us a call at 1-800-886-6696.

We have packages starting as low as $35, balanced billing options and special discounts for larger clients!

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Telephone Answering Services
Ordertaking - Credit Card
Customer Service Support
RSVP Services
Service & Utilities Companies

Medical-HIPAA Compliant
Website & Email Answering
Appointment Scheduling
20 Answering Service Secrets

Property Management
Help Desk
Call Center Services
Funeral Homes

Technical Support
Virtual Receptionist
Government Support

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