When it comes to your phones…


You Need the Power of a Person!

You tell us what you want to accomplish, and the size of your budget. We customize the perfect service for your needs. A good conversation is the best way to set up service; through discussion; we all understand your goals and options for reaching them.

  • Our average call takes 2 agent work minutes.
  • This includes answering the call, taking a detailed message, and dispatching accordingly.
  • If you exceed that allotment, don’t worry. You are only invoiced for the incremental time used.

To give you an idea of costs here are a few standardized packages, but having it YOUR way, is NOT more expensive.
It is best to have a plan that gives you only what you need, but everything you need.
(All packages are for our standard 28-day billing periods)

The packages above are examples only.  Customized services are not more expensive than what is shown here.  Your costs will depend on the features you choose.  Your “Al La Carte Menu” can include things like customized paging options, patching, and/or scripting and more. You can also implement automation, either in front of the service or behind the scenes, which can lower your costs by directing your calls and information.

Keep in mind that often spending a little more on your answering service saves a LOT of money in regular payroll and other ways.  Cost effectiveness can be much more important than cost.  Don’t try to “go it alone”; the key is to talk with us about your goals, and be honest about your budget, together we can design something that fits your needs.  We are the experts, if it can be done, we can help you do it.

System-usage is a term you will see on your invoices. It represents the time our equipment is working on your behalf; it includes dial-outs, paging, faxing, e-mails etc., actions that our system completes. These activities do not necessarily require agent participation and therefore are billed at a vastly lower rate. System usage is not included in your agent work time billing.